Robert Alan Clayton

With an award-winning career spanning more than two decades, Robert Clayton’s photography grew as a natural extension of his desire since childhood to draw, to paint and to observe. His unique talents are apparent in his masterful portraits and in the beautiful design of his photographs. While he is fearless behind the lens – standing astride the edge of the tallest buildings in the world, or hanging out of a helicopter hovering in space over the rim of a canyon – he’s also humbled to sit at the feet of a 114-year-old Athabaskan Indian Chief, using his camera to penetrate the years.

Shooting below the surface of what is actually there, he uses his lens to capture fleeting emotions and subtle meanings that occur in an instant of time, never to be seen again. He does not think of himself as a photographer, but as a painter with a camera.

“I am a student of the human condition. Always, exploring, seeking and wondering, what lies beyond the next curve in the road.”

Clayton’s clientele, international in scope, include Air France, Bank of America, Bank of Montreal, Citibank, Chevron and Arco. A graduate of Central Academy of Art and Design, he has worked not only as a photographer but as an illustrator and designer.

Archival Prints For Sale

Please contact Robert for information concerning custom archival prints. Each print is signed and dated on the front.

Payment accepted via: Personal Check or Money Order

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